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Kimber Golf Environment

By working together with ecologists we are able to use the unique but often protected areas to enhance the character of the golf course, often replicating these features through the site, to create new habitats.

Protection and Enhancement

KimberGlen has developed a reputation where they work alongside both government authorities and project ecologists to bring out the best in the site. We have proved the golf course and the environment can enhance each other.

Without a doubt Machrihanish Dunes is the most environmentally sensitive golf course built in modern times. With less than 1.5 of the 200 acres being disturbed Machrihanish Dunes not only plays like a golf course of 100 years ago, it was built that way too.

Every corner of the site was painstakingly surveyed and monitored throughout the construction with Paul and the project ecologist finding solutions to weave the course into the site causing little damage and disturbance. The result has been a triumph for all those involved.