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Kimber Golf Philosophy

Armed with no more than a good routing plan,  a solid understanding of the site and a clear vision the right team can work together to unlock the individual secrets of the site that allows the golf course to sit gently within the site rather than being imposed upon it.



There is no doubt the 'classic' courses in the world appear to have been found rather than designed, weaving through landscapes full of twists, turns and surprises but everything fits. There are no apparent edges and the courses bleed seamlessly into the native environment.

Our fundamental belief is that the golf courses built in the last 100 years that successfully recreate this are those both designed and built by a single team working together 'in the dirt', imparting their passion and determination to create something special.

Each site is unique and every new golf course should be tailored to suit that site. As architects our role is to use the natural assets that a site has to offer in such a way that the golf course ultimately sits within the landscape appearing as though the course has been a part of that landscape for many years. Creating a bespoke golf course that is inseparable from its environment and vice versa.