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Golf Course Design: Grow in
Kimber Golf Grow In

Finishing the job

Our commitment will not finish at the completion of seeding, further site visits will be made to inspect the progress of the 'grow in' of the project, helping to ensure that the turf is in a healthy condition for the stage of the project.

Turf quality is a very important aspect in making sure the project is successful and achieves the playing characteristics the designers are looking for. We  have consultant agronomists experienced in the various grasses practical for the different climatic zones around the globe to advise through the project.

We also are proud to have worked with some of the best greenkeeprs, Allan Patterson (The Castle Course, Gleneagles) , Euan Grant (The Old Course, Machrihanish Dunes, Turnberry) Lee Strutt (g West, Richmond) & Keith Martin (Machrihanish Dunes, The Old Course) with whom we share our passion and together we continue to look after projects into the future.