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Golf Course Design: Detail Design
Kimber Golf detail designMethodology

The Nitty Gritty

While we fundamentally believe the only way to guarantee the best results is for the designers to spend a lot of time on site as the course is being built we understand the need for a sound technical base to make sure all elements of the project will work before construction begins. Consequently the detailed design stage has three main elements

  • Computer Modelling - the entire site is modelled in 3D on our computers to check cut and fill calculations to inform the designer before he is given the freedom to manipulate this on site.
  • Bill of Quantities and Specification – we understand the need to deliver projects at the quality expected while controlling costs. A detailed bill of quantities and specifications will allow budgets to be compiled and controlled.
  • Sand Box - Paul has developed a unique method for ensuring his visions become reality. Working very closely with the shapers on each hole, green, tee and bunker complexes are developed on site.

    Initial ideas are 'roughed out' using a 'sand box' not unlike a child’s sand pit. The simple box containing sand is used to model the hole, the shaper can then take this 3D image and transform it into reality. As more and more detail is required it can similarly be ‘fleshed out’ and refined in the sand, before being brought to life by the shapers.

    This technique allows the hole to evolve on site and become part of it rather than being set out from paper drawings and therefore being imposed upon the site.

    Working in this way ensures each part of every hole will have a consistent feel brought by the on site designer but nothing is left to chance and there is always the backing of sound technical information.