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Kimber Golf ConstructionMethodology

Implementing the Design

As well as experienced designers the KimberGlen Team have an excellent understanding of how Golf Courses should be built. Working for clients such as Charles Schwab, George Roberts, Maher-al-Tajir, Joe Deitch, St Andrews Links Trust all who have exacting standards - the team have learnt not to accept second best. The best way to ensure this is to have a full time presence on site during the build.

By having design staff on site to supervise construction the team can also check and monitor the suitability of materials for construction and test any sands before they are used on the course.

Maintaining an on site presence also keeps the construction process moving forward, checking and inspecting at every stage without delays waiting for approvals while making sure that each element is built correctly and that ultimately the project lives up to, and exceeds expectations.