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Kimber Golf Course Design Services

As well as Golf Course Design, at Kimber Glen we offer a range of design and consultancy services to developers and existing Golf Clubs


With our team which includes Landscape Architects we are able to assist in the masterplanning of major projects to ensure the golf course works together with the rest of a development.

In today's economy golf courses are rarely stand alone developments and the success of the related facilities are key to a commercially viable project. We have worked on a variety of golf / residential projects that have required close coordination with the masterplanning team to ensure the success of the overall masterplan. 

The most critical part of the process is to decide on the optimum elevations for all adjoining land uses and set the levels at the golf course perimeter to ensure that view corridors are enhanced where possible.  We then discuss the overall theme and ethos for the project before progressing the detailed designs whilst continuing to collaborate with the rest of team to realise the vision.